What is Coco_koma?

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Coco_Koma is an online influencer and content creator who has gained popularity on various social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She produces fun and engaging content around beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and more.

In this article, we will explore who Coco_Koma is, her background, her content style, and why she has become so successful online.

What is Coco_koma?


Coco_Koma, whose real name is Rebecca Liu, is a Chinese-Canadian internet personality. She was born in 1996 in Vancouver, Canada to parents who had immigrated from China. Growing up, Coco was very interested in fashion, makeup, and pop culture.

In her late teens, Coco started posting photos of her fashionable outfits and makeup looks on Instagram. She quickly gained a following there for her trendy style. A few years later, she expanded into making short video clips showing her makeup routines, clothing hauls, daily vlogs, and comedic sketches on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Coco_Koma has accumulated over 550,000 followers on TikTok, 260,000 followers on Instagram, and 180,000 subscribers on YouTube as of December 2023. She is managed by the talent agency edictHQ. Her popularity continues to grow rapidly as more people discover her fun, upbeat content.

Coco_Koma’s Content Style & Videos

Much of Coco_Koma’s content shows her interest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. She frequently posts OOTD (outfit of the day) looks featuring the latest trends in women’s fashion. These may be casual everyday outfits or glamorous going-out looks.

Her makeup videos display both dramatic styles using lots of color and glitter as well as more wearable, natural looks. Coco uses a mix of drugstore and high-end cosmetics in her videos. She often does makeup tutorials tied to themes like holidays, celebrities, or popular culture.

Coco’s content also highlights her personal life through vlogs and relatable sketches. Her vlogs take viewers along during fun experiences like travel, events with friends, shopping trips, and days around her home. She also posts about major life events like her college graduation.

Many of Coco’s videos have a comedic aspect, parodying popular internet trends and memes. For instance, she might recreate a funny viral video with her own spin. Coco is quite expressive in her videos, using exaggerated facial expressions and physical comedy. This humorous approach helps her videos stand out.

No matter what the specific topic, Coco aims to entertain and connect with her audience in an upbeat, lively way. She wants viewers to feel like they are chatting with a fun friend who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

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Coco_Koma’s Path to Popularity

Coco_Koma first started gaining an audience in her late teens by posting fashion and beauty photos on Instagram. At the time, she was still living in Vancouver and attending college.

When TikTok exploded in popularity around 2018, Coco decided to expand her content there. She found that the short video format allowed her to better showcase her outgoing personality compared to static good Instagram photos. The early vlogs and sketch videos she posted quickly attracted attention.

By 2019, Coco_Koma’s following on TikTok and Instagram had grown large enough that she decided to pursue content creation as a full-time career. She got representation from a digital talent agency that helped connect her with brand sponsorships.

Coco began collaborating with both indie brands and huge companies like Sephora, Amazon, and Fashion Nova. Sponsored content deals provided her main source of income. This allowed her to focus her time on producing fun videos for her loyal fanbase.

YouTube was the next logical platform for Coco to expand into. By 2021, she launched a YouTube channel focused on longer makeup tutorials, day-in-the-life vlogs, clothing hauls, Q&As, and more lifestyle videos. YouTube provided a way to showcase her personality in even more depth.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Coco’s audience and influence continued to grow exponentially. She worked on elevating the quality of her content across platforms. Coco also became more selective about the brands she collaborated with, focusing on those that aligned with her values and aesthetics.

Coco_Koma has clearly found a successful formula combining her bubbly, humorous personality with a focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Her fans feel a strong connection with her through the fun videos she shares. This loyal audience engagement is what has allowed her to build a thriving career as an influencer.

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Coco_Koma’s Most Popular Content

Coco_Koma has many videos that have gone viral and gained millions of views each. Here is a look at some of her most popular content:

Makeup Transformations

Some of Coco’s biggest hits are makeup transformation videos where she switches between radically different looks. In one popular TikTok, she transitioned from a natural daytime look to a dramatic neon rave appearance. The video showcased her makeup artistry skills and versatility.

In another viral makeup transformation, she turned herself into different celebrities like Ariana Grande, Marilyn Monroe, and Kim Kardashian. Coco’s impersonations were over-the-top and hilarious. Fans loved seeing her creative range.

Fashion Hauls & Lookbooks

Huge clothing hauls are also very popular with Coco’s audience. She’ll do seasonal hauls featuring all the latest fashion from her favorite stores. Coco models each item, reviewing fabrics and fit. These videos give fans style inspiration and ideas.

Related are Coco’s styling lookbooks where she demonstrates putting together complete outfits. One of her most viral videos showed Fall fashion looks modeled in a beautiful forest setting. The video showed her talent for styling clothes in an aesthetically pleasing, artistic way.

Parody Sketches

Some of Coco’s funniest videos are comedy sketches parodying internet trends. For example, one viral TikTok showed Coco dramatically lip-syncing audio of two people arguing, playing all the roles herself. Her exaggerated facial expressions made the sketch highly amusing.

Another popular parody poked fun at unrealistic travel photos people post on Instagram. The sketch showed Coco laboriously posing at a hotel pool trying to get the perfect shot. Her fans love these funny, relatable videos.

Day in the Life Vlogs

Coco’s fans feel like they get to know her through day-in-the-life vlogs. These follow her during fun experiences like attending the Coachella music festival or shopping on Rodeo Drive in LA. Fans enjoy living vicariously through her exciting lifestyle.

More mundane day-in-the-life videos are popular too though. Coco brings humor and fun to everyday activities like getting ready in the morning, meal prepping, or cleaning her house. These vlogs have a satisfying slice-of-life feel.

Collaborations & Challenges

Coco has gotten high engagement when collaborating on videos with other top creators. For example, one hilarious TikTok showed Coco and friends doing popular dances in giant inflatable dinosaur costumes.

She’s also participated in viral TikTok challenges like trying TikTok photo hacks and eating food combinations. These collaborations and challenges attract new viewers to Coco’s channel who get hooked on her fun personality.

The variety of Coco’s most popular content shows her wide range of talents from comedy to makeup artistry. But the common thread is her lively, entertaining personality shining through.

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Coco_Koma’s Impact & Legacy

Even though she is still quite young in her career, Coco_Koma has already made a significant impact as an influencer. Here are some of the key ways she has left her mark:

Inspiring Creativity

Coco has an artistic spirit, constantly coming up with unique content ideas. The effort she puts into imaginative costumes, set design, and editing inspires her fans to get creative with their content.

She motivates people to step outside their comfort zones and not be afraid to be bold. Coco often says in interviews that she wants her content to spark creativity in others.

Championing Body Positivity

While the fashion and beauty world can often promote rigid expectations, Coco uses her platform to spread body-positive messages. She embraces her curvy, short stature rather than trying to hide it.

Coco hopes modeling confidence in her skin will inspire other young women. The overwhelming support she gets from fans shows her message is being heard.

Promoting Inclusion

As a Canadian woman of Chinese descent, Coco_Koma brings diversity to the influencer space. She has been outspoken about the importance of inclusive representation online.

Coco always keeps cultural sensitivity in mind, avoiding harmful stereotypes. She shows that content creators from all different backgrounds can find success by being their authentic selves.

Paving the Way for Asian Creators

When Coco_Koma first started, there were very few popular Asian influencers creating fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. She helped pave the way for others.

Coco’s massive success showed that Asian creators deserved a seat at the table in the influencer world. Her unique perspective has enriched the community. Brands are now more actively seeking out collaborations with Asian influencers.

While still early in her career, Coco has already made a huge impact through the fun, creative content she produces. She continues to inspire both audiences and fellow creators to have the confidence to embrace their individuality. There is still so much potential ahead for what she will accomplish.

Coco_Koma’s Other Interests & Endeavors

When she is taking a break from producing content, Coco still leads a very active lifestyle. Her other passions and side projects include:

Fashion Design

Coco has always been interested in pursuing her fashion line. She often sketches clothing and accessory designs. Recently, Coco collaborated on a small merch collection with illustrator Este Liong that sold out immediately. This gives her motivation to expand into larger fashion design projects.

Health & Fitness

Staying active is important to Coco for both physical and mental health. She shares her workout routines on Instagram, helping fans live healthier lifestyles too. Coco also posts motivational content about self-care and being kind to yourself.

Traveling the World

Coco’s career has allowed her to travel the world and experience new places. She creates vlogs during her trips showing the food, culture, nightlife, and sights. Coco is always seeking out undiscovered, Instagram-worthy destinations.

Dog Mom

Coco’s beloved French bulldog Occi often makes cameo appearances in her content. She enjoys dressing Occi up in cute outfits to match her own. Coco advocates for pet adoption and shares training tips with her fellow pet parents.


Giving back is very important to Coco. She has been involved with several charity campaigns supporting causes like environmental conservation, women’s education, and fighting hunger. Coco hopes to start her charitable foundation one day.

Even with all these side pursuits, creating content for her loyal fans remains Coco’s top passion. She has so much more she wants to accomplish in her influencer career.

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What Makes Coco_Koma So Successful?

There are a few key factors that explain why Coco_Koma has become such a hugely popular and successful influencer:

Relatable Personality

Fans are drawn to Coco’s funny, down-to-earth personality. She comes across as someone you could easily be best friends with in real life. Coco is the opposite of distant and unapproachable. Her relatability makes audiences feel invested in her success.

Range of Talents

Coco isn’t just good at one thing – her talents span comedy, fashion, makeup artistry, performance, and more. This versatility keeps her content feeling fresh. Fans tune in to see what new side of herself Coco will showcase next.

Positive Messaging

While Coco’s content is playful, she also uses her platform intentionally for good. Her uplifting messages around confidence, inclusion, and creativity leave fans feeling joyful and inspired. Coco’s positivity attracts a loyal audience.

Interacting with Followers

Social media is a two-way street. Coco makes her followers feel valued by noticing and responding to their comments frequently. She also thanks fans for their support and shares their fan art. Coco’s engagement makes her audience feel invested in her success.

Adapting with Trends

Coco has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in pop culture and social media. She stays up-to-date on the latest viral trends and memes, then puts her unique spin on them. This ensures her content always feels fresh, funny, and relevant.

Coco’s charismatic personality and diverse skills allow her to connect with audiences through many types of content. Fans feel a genuine connection with her. That loyal fan base is the foundation for the influencer career she has built.

What’s Next for Coco_Koma?

At just 27 years old, Coco_Koma still has so much potential ahead as her audience and influence continue to grow. Here are some possibilities for what’s next in her creative career:

TV Hosting

With her outgoing personality and camera presence, Coco is well-suited for TV hosting gigs. She could see herself hosting a fashion or pop culture show where she could interview celebrity guests.


Coco loves to sing and has an amazing voice. She has expressed interest in potentially releasing music of her own. Coco already has original songs she wrote that she may record.


Coco has a natural comedic talent that could translate well into acting. She has said she would love to appear in funny shows or movies down the line. Cameos in short comedy videos help build her acting reel.

Writing a Book

Coco has so much wisdom to share from building herself into a personal brand. She has considered writing a book for fellow creators about building confidence and finding your voice online.

Starting a Company

Owning her own company is one of Coco’s biggest goals. She would love to launch a fashion and beauty brand one day. Coco is slowly gaining the business knowledge needed to make this dream a reality.

No matter which of these paths Coco_Koma chooses to pursue, one thing is for certain – she will continue bringing her signature fun, positive spirit along with her. Her future is limitless.

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Coco_Koma has become one of the most beloved and successful influencers of her generation through her hilarious videos, trendy fashion content, artistic creativity, and overall positive spirit. While still early in her career, she has already made a huge impact with her millions of loyal fans.

What sets Coco apart is her ability to make audiences feel like they know her as a real friend. Everything she creates comes across as genuine, uplifting and engaging. Coco continues to push herself creatively and find new ways to connect with her followers.

At just 27, Coco still has so much potential ahead of her. There is no limit to where her talents could take her career next, whether it is acting, music, writing, business, or something new. No matter what, Coco will continue spreading positivity and inspiration through whatever she does. Her infectious spirit ensures that many more viral hits, fashion moments, and funny collaborations await.

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