Facebook Settlement: Pay Out Date and How to Check Status

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With half a million American’s already rejected for the Facebook settlement, here’s how to check yours.

Following the resolution of a substantial privacy lawsuit by Facebook this year, millions of users sought a share of the compensation the social media giant committed to disbursing as part of the legal settlement.

Since the closing of the application window, over half a million applicants from the United States have faced rejections for their settlement claims – and additional rejections might still be pending as the adjudication of claims progresses.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for applicants, encompassing ways to ascertain if their applications have been rejected, avenues to verify the status of their submissions, and the inherent difficulty in forecasting the potential payment date.

Determining If Your Facebook Settlement Claim Has Been Declined

Determining If Your Facebook Settlement Claim Has Been Declined

Meta, the tech giant behind Facebook, agreed to compensate users impacted by its substandard practices with a substantial $725 million after settling a privacy lawsuit. In April, a notification was dispatched to Facebook users, confirming their eligibility to apply.

During the summer, the application window was open, allowing users to apply until August 25th. By September 7th, over 17 million claims had received preliminary validation.

On October 11th, the judge granted final approval for the settlement to proceed, albeit after encountering multiple objections. Presently, we’re within the appeals phase, and two objectors have already lodged appeals.

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As per The Hill, a staggering 28 million Americans have submitted settlement claims through Angeion, the firm overseeing the case, marking it as the most sought-after claim in US history. Out of these, 500,000 claims have unfortunately faced rejection.

Should your claim fall among the unfortunate rejections, there’s a possibility of receiving notification via email. It’s crucial to thoroughly check both your inbox and the spam folder of the email address provided during the claim application process. If rejected, there’s a window of 10 days available to contest the decision.

It could prove beneficial to request Angeion for a re-evaluation of your claim. With companies handling such a vast volume of applications, occasional errors might occur – particularly considering this is the largest individual claim in American history.

Checking the Status of Your Facebook Settlement Claim Application: Facebook Settlement

The most recent information concerning the Facebook privacy settlement can be accessed through the claims portal administered by Angeion, specifically set up to oversee these claims.

If you have any inquiries, you can reach out to Angeion via the phone number available on the site. Additionally, you can explore the FAQs section to discover answers to commonly asked questions by other applicants.

Keep in mind, the Facebook privacy settlement detailed in this article stands distinct from the location-tracking settlement that Facebook has been concurrently addressing, and it involves a separate process for claims.

What is the Facebook Settlement Payout Date?

The specific payout date for the Facebook settlement remains uncertain. Despite the final approval granted to the claim, the legal proceedings persist.

As outlined on the Angeion claims portal referenced earlier in this article, the statement mentions, “Although the Court’s Order granted both Motions and addressed the filed Objections, two Objectors have filed Notices of Appeals.”

Additional details indicate that the allocation of settlement funds to qualified applicants remains suspended until the appeals are resolved. The duration for resolving appeals varies, and more details will emerge as the appeals progress.”

Presently, it’s anticipated that the average payout per claimant upon disbursement will approximate $30.

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