How Do I Know If I Need Couples Therapy? When To Go To A Specialist?

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How Do I Know If I Need Couples Therapy?

If you identify with any of these situations, we are giving you clues to know if you need to go to a couple’s psychologist:

  • The routine, wear and tear, or discomfort in the couple continues over time and there are not enough resources to solve it.
  • There is a lack of understanding or difficulties in communication. Constant conflicts or arguments.
  • Circumstances that are difficult to manage or face within the relationship have occurred.

Not knowing when to go to couples therapy is very common, since, although every day more couples decide to receive this type of psychological treatment, going to this type of therapy is still seen as something atypical, but it is. Whether you want to solve the problems in your romantic relationship is one of the best decisions you can make.

How Do I Know If I Need Couples Therapy? When To Go To A Specialist?

Reasons Why Couples Request Couples Therapy

  • Everyday problems that trigger conflicts and arguments daily
  • Problems of understanding or different scales of values in the members of the couple
  • Sexual problems
  • Infidelity or regret for having been unfaithful/Confusion of emotions
  • Jealousy/ Insecurity in the couple/ Lack of trust
  • Different ways of communicating emotions/Difficulties expressing emotions
  • Individual aspects that can influence the relationship
  • Monotony in the relationship
  • Couples therapy will also be indicated to strengthen and optimize the couple’s relationship.

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Some Indicators That Determine Whether Or Not You Should Go To Couples Therapy

The best indicator to know if you should carry out a couple’s therapy will be to feel discomfort in your romantic relationship. Others will want to solve the situation and, therefore, needing to end this discomfort produced fundamentally by the emotional crisis.

Making the decision as a couple, or at least ensuring that both parties are equally involved and committed to carrying out the therapy, will be essential for the therapeutic process to be carried out correctly.

But what happens if my partner doesn’t want to go to couples therapy? Therapy for a single member of the couple can also be effective since, once the problem has been evaluated, guidelines will be given to that person that will influence their way of acting, communicating, making decisions, and therefore in their relationship as such.

All of these changes can also cause your partner to want to go to couples therapy at some point as well.

Advantages Of Knowing When To Go To A Couple’s Psychologist At Greatest Moments

At Greatest Moments we are specialists in couple’s therapy and we have extensive experience; our couple’s psychologists, experts in this type of therapy, deal with different cases of conflicts and sentimental crises every day. It is one of the treatments that we perform most at the Psychologist Center Greatest Moments.

Our therapeutic process has very specific aspects, different from other therapies, where the experience takes on special relevance; each couple “is a world”, true, but there are similarities, similar reactions to certain situations (infidelity, jealousy, defects in communication, aggressiveness in one of its members, insecurity, etc.)

Many times, although for the couple therapy is a new experience, for the specialist psychologist it is a “path” that they already know, who knows how to interpret and predict, with a fair degree of success, the reactions that the members of the couple will have in different situations. Decision-making by the specialist psychologist will lead to greater chances of success in therapy.

Not going to couples therapy can cause a relationship that could heal and consolidate happiness to become a very toxic relationship.

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Negative Consequences Of Not Following Treatment Or Not Going To Couples Therapy

The consequences of not going to couples therapy when your relationship needs it will be quick and obvious. The discomfort will remain over time and may worsen, thus causing negative consequences for each of the parties.

The sentimental crisis could become unsustainable. The emotional blockage of the members of the couple, and feelings such as rage, hatred, anger, anger, or the feeling of failure will lead to the relationship.

However, addressing this relationship crisis with couples therapy will make those involved feel that they are doing everything possible to address the emotionally overwhelming situation.

From a calm perspective, they will face each of the conflicts to be dealt with, to solve the situation from a framework of respect, communication, and commitment. Always guided by a therapist specializing in couples therapy.

If you are looking for more information and don’t know when is the right time to go to couples therapy and receive specialized help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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