Lindsey Vonn in Orange Leggings Lifts Weights and Works Out

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How Lindsey Vonn is staying fit after retirement. 

Lindsey Vonn, despite retiring from professional skiing, continues to embrace the slopes for leisure and remains dedicated to rigorous workouts to maintain her fitness regimen. Despite her age of 38, she remains actively engaged as a correspondent while allocating significant time to her fitness routine. The former Olympic champion in alpine skiing recently shared a workout video showcasing her in an orange sports bra and matching pants, lifting weights while skillfully balancing on a Bosu ball. With her transition away from competitive training, Vonn has made notable alterations to both her diet and exercise regimen. Explore further to discover her updated lifestyle approach.

Lindsey Vonn Learned More About Nutrition

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Throughout her journey, Vonn has amassed considerable knowledge about nutrition and remains committed to furthering her understanding. During a conversation with TODAY, she revealed her recent insight into food, stating, “To burn fat, you need to consume fat.” Additionally, she expressed, “I’ve acquired a wealth of new insights along the way.”

Lindsey Vonn Eats A Lot of Avocado and Bacon

She Eats A Lot of Avocado and Bacon

Vonn has begun incorporating foods into her diet that she previously avoided, and the outcomes have surprised her. In an interview with TODAY, she shared, “I now include avocado in nearly every meal, along with bacon and other items I once thought to avoid.” She further elaborated, stating, “The puffiness in my face has disappeared. I’ve gained more muscle, all without altering my workout routine.”

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Lindsey Vonn Does HIIT 4 Times a Week

During an interview with Bustle, the athlete detailed the shift in her workout routine following her retirement from skiing. She shared, “While racing, I always favored doing cleans [lifting a barbell]. It was a personal preference! However, nowadays, I’m predominantly drawn to HIIT workouts around four times a week. I have my Tempo setup at home and make the most of the time available. I aim to maximize my workouts within a short timeframe, and HIIT fits perfectly for me.”

Lindsey Vonn Can Do Almost Any Outdoor Sport

While Vonn’s reputation is built on her prowess as a professional skier, her versatility extends to various outdoor activities. A glance at her Instagram reveals her engaging in wake surfboarding, mountain biking alongside her dog, jet skiing, and even rock climbing donning a bathing suit. Her passion for diverse outdoor sports is evident across her social media platform.

Morning Workouts Give Her Energy

“I prefer starting my workout routine in the morning,” she shared with Bustle. “It energizes me for the day ahead. Waiting until the day’s end often leaves me fatigued from work, making it challenging to muster the motivation. The more I prioritize morning workouts, the more beneficial it is for me.”


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