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Indulging in a serene yet invigorating yoga session, feeling the breeze against your skin, can truly awaken your senses. But have you ventured into the world of goat yoga? Picture this: yoga meets adorable, mischievous baby goats.

This fusion has sparked a wildfire across the yoga landscape, packing studios and farms to capacity nationwide. The yoga poses remain familiar, resembling a standard vinyasa session, yet infused with an unexpected ingredient: the presence of pint-sized farm companions. From chaturanga to bridge pose, every move promises a workout intertwined with giggles, lightness, and sheer unpredictability. Intrigued? Discover the myriad benefits of goat yoga below.

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Imagine a typical group yoga session infused with the presence of lively baby goats, guided by their trainers to engage with participants during specific poses. For example, at Laughing Frog Yoga in Los Angeles, sessions are conducted in collaboration with Party Goats LA. Within these classes, two charming baby goats, Spanky and Pippin, along with their two trainers, join the group. While the yoga instructor leads the class as usual, the baby goats have the liberty to wander and even perch atop participants during their practice.


According to goat trainer Scout Raskin, Spanky and Pippin are taught to hop onto individuals during specific yoga poses like plank, down dog, upward dog, child’s pose, boat pose, bridge, and wheel. Additionally, they skillfully maneuver under participants’ legs during warrior and various standing poses.

The trainers ensure the baby goats’ behavior using feed and prevent them from occasionally nibbling on a stray ponytail. They also take charge of any unforeseen incidents. However, it’s worth noting: there’s no assurance that a goat won’t have a moment while perched on your back.

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What’s the deal with goat yoga? The phenomenon surfaced back in February 2016 when Insta-yogi Rachel Brathen posted videos of a baby goat joining her in a home practice, playfully perching on her back. Shortly after, an Oregon farm initiated goat yoga classes, igniting the trend. From there, the craze expanded to a farm in New Hampshire. Media outlets swiftly picked up on the trend, transforming it into a global sensation with classes now offered internationally. Explore various goat yoga locations to locate a class near you and join in on the fun!



You might be pondering: what’s the essence of goat yoga? What exactly are its benefits? While it might not replicate the intensity of a hot Bikram flow workout, goat yoga offers something unique for all participants.


Granted, it’s not the most physically demanding workout I’ve experienced. While the 25-pound goats might add some resistance to your planks, they rotate through the crowded, sold-out classes quite briskly. So, don’t expect them to stay for a prolonged hold. Nevertheless, you do reap the typical physical advantages of a milder yoga session, such as soothing your nervous system and loosening your muscles.

But let’s face it, goat yoga is bound to make you giggle.


“Let’s be real, goat yoga sounds a bit quirky, but don’t brush it off as just a passing fad,” suggests Jodi Michaels, a goat yoga instructor at Laughing Frog.

“It’s not your typical yoga routine, but it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits,” Scout from Party Goats LA affirms.


These endorsements hold weight for a reason. A recent study exploring laughter yoga reveals immediate boosts in mood and happiness, alongside a drop in blood pressure with consistent practice. Similarly, research on laughter therapy demonstrates its positive impact on the immune system. Laughter works wonders by reversing the stress response, reducing cortisol levels. Moreover, it can influence dopamine and serotonin activity, making it an exceptional stress-relieving tool – a compelling reason to give goat yoga a shot.

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