Major SHIB Giveaway Announced by Team, Here’s Intriguing Part

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The official account of Shiba Inu has announced an upcoming giveaway now, as the new (10th) issue of SHIB Magazine has been released, and it also made an important warning to the whole Shiba Inu community.

In the meantime, the lead developer of SHIB has announced an upcoming release of “SHIB Name Tokens.”

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Giveaway announced by SHIB team

The @Shibtoken account spread the word about the 10th edition of the SHIB Magazine having finally been released. To celebrate this event, the Shiba Inu team is offering the cryptocurrency community the chance to take part in a giveaway, for which the SHIB team has joined forces with a major Shibarium-based project known as Shibacals.

This project creates physical collectibles, as well as making SHIB prints on clothes and other objects for SHIB and its partners, including Bad Idea AI (BAD). Basically, Shibacals is the In Real Life (IRL) component of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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In order to take part in the aforementioned giveaway, the community is encouraged to retweet the video on SHIB’s Twitter thread. Later, three winners will be chosen via TwitterPicker, and each of them will receive 100 store credits to spend them in the Shibacals’ online store to buy hoodies or other things with SHIB prints on them.

The SHIB team also warned the Shiba Inu army, urging them to beware of “unsafe links,” which may make them lose their cryptocurrencies from out of their wallets. The recommendation coming from the SHIB team is to always double-check the official SHIB website and brand social media channels regarding those links before clicking on them.

Shytoshi Kusama introduces simplified approach to wallets

On Tuesday, pseudonymous lead developer of Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama pu blished a Twitter thread to tell the SHIB community that it is time to find a simpler way to go about cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Until now, he reminded the audience, they were just a long sequence of digits and characters unclear to average users.

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