Camila Cabello Shares Swimsuit Photo Showing Off Strong Core

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Camila Cabello proudly displays her toned core in a swimsuit. In a recent social media update, the Havana singer showcases her well-defined abs while enjoying a swim in a tropical location. She posted the image on her Instagram Stories. Wondering about the singer’s approach to health and wellness? Celebwell compiled her key lifestyle habits for a comprehensive insight.

Camila Cabello Intense Workout Sessions

Camila Cabello Intense Workout Sessions

Camila Cabello partners with trainer Jenna Willis, as disclosed to Shape, engaging in thrice-weekly workouts that rely on minimal equipment. Their routine encompasses a blend of strength, HIIT, and balance exercises, incorporating intricate movements that engage the entire body. Among the exercises featured are bird dogs to fire hydrants, squat hops, high plank shoulder taps, and glute bridges combined with dumbbell pullovers. Additionally, bodyweight squats and crunches form integral parts of her workout regimen.

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Dancing Through Her Workouts

Camila Cabello Dancing Through Her Workouts

As per her trainer, Camila Cabello seamlessly incorporates dance elements into her workouts. Willis shared with Shape, “We often find ourselves engaging in an impromptu ab workout simply from laughing so much during the session.” She added, “Somehow, she keeps me on my toes, effortlessly transforming every cardio exercise into a visually captivating dance move.”

A Veggie-Filled Diet

Camila Cabello asserts that her former partner, Shawn Mendes, played a role in encouraging her to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In an interview with BBC Radio, she admitted, “I wasn’t particularly health-conscious before. I never used to include vegetables in my diet, only opting for simple ones like cucumbers or cold carrots with Caesar dressing. Though, I wouldn’t classify them as challenging vegetables.”


Meditation Dancing Through Her Workouts

Camila Cabello emphasizes the significance of mental well-being, stating it’s equally vital as physical health. In an Instagram post, she revealed, “Meditation has been transformative in recent months.” She explained, “At the time, I didn’t share this because I was simply striving to find stability, battling severe anxiety.

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It’s the consistent practice of meditation, multiple times a day, that has been profoundly healing for me. Beyond managing emotions like anxiety and stress, it’s shaping me into a better individual.” She continued, highlighting how meditation nurtures qualities such as empathy, love, and compassion, fostering a deeper connection not just with those around you but with all living entities, including animals, plants, and the Earth itself, as a living entity.


Even amid her bustling career, Camila maintains an active lifestyle, often on the go. Among her preferred activities is hiking. As per the National Parks Service, the physical advantages of hiking encompass:

  • Strengthening muscles and bones
  • Enhancing balance
  • Boosting heart health
  • Reducing the likelihood of specific respiratory issues


Paddleboarding Camila Cabello

Camila also enjoys stand-up paddleboarding, captioning a recent photo of herself with “Nothin’ to do, nowhere to be.” According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), paddleboarding is not only excellent for core strength but also serves as an effective form of cardio exercise.

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