Who is Eva Elfie? Eva Elfie Wiki Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Boyfriend

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Have you heard of the name Eva Elfie? If not, then you are in for a treat. This 22-year-old Russian beauty was born on May 27, 2000, and has taken the Adult film industry by storm. But she is not just limited to that. Eva Elfie is a talented actress, social media personality, and model. Along with other big names like Kylie Page and Sonya Blaze, she has made a name for herself in adult entertainment.

With millions of followers on social media, Eva Elfie is known for her stunning and alluring photos that leave her fans wanting more. Her social media is filled with fashionable modeling and bikini photoshoots, making her a rising star in the industry. Keep reading to know more about Eva Elfie’s bio, age, husband, height, boyfriend, and real name.

Eva Elfie Wiki

NameEva Elfie
Real NameYulia Sergeevna Romanova
Age22 Years
BirthdayMay 27, 2000
BirthplaceOmsk, Russia
HometownMoscow, Russia
HusbandAdam Ocelot (M. 2019)
ProfessionModel & Actress

Who is Eva Elfie?

Who is Eva Elfie?

Eva Elfie is a well-known name in the adult entertainment industry, but her talents extend beyond that. Born in a small city in the Far Eastern part of Russia, this young woman’s path to stardom wasn’t typical. Before joining the industry in 2018, she explored various jobs, including working as a secretary and a webcam model.

Her beauty and charisma quickly attracted the attention of industry insiders, and she shot to fame rapidly. Although primarily known for her adult films, Eva is a multi-faceted personality. She has successfully created a substantial online presence, becoming a social media sensation. Her striking looks and engaging posts have attracted millions of followers worldwide.

Moreover, Eva has also dabbled in mainstream modeling, with her photoshoots often displaying a sense of style and elegance that’s unique to her. A combination of her talents, personality, and looks has helped her stand out, carving a niche for herself in the entertainment world.

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Despite her immense popularity and prominence in the entertainment world, there is more publicly available information about Eva Elfie’s education. She has yet to disclose much about her schooling or higher education. Given her age, she may have graduated from high school in her small home city in the Far East of Russia.

Even with the lack of specifics about her educational background, it’s clear that Eva is a quick learner who has mastered her craft through experience, industry knowledge, and raw talent.

Her intelligence and business acumen significantly influenced her successful career trajectory, demonstrating that education can come in many forms beyond traditional academic pursuits. However, Eva’s silence on this topic adds to the mystery surrounding her.

Family Background and Upbringing

Digging into Eva Elfie’s past, it becomes evident that she hails from a Russian family. Her roots trace back to a modest city in the Far Eastern part of Russia, but details about her parents remain undisclosed in line with her relatively private nature.

Her upbringing in a small city influenced her journey toward success, contributing to her stubborn and determined character. While the specifics of her familial relationships and early life remain behind the curtains, it’s clear that her Russian heritage and humble beginnings play a vital role in the person Eva Elfie is today.

The intrigue surrounding her family background only adds to the charm and charisma of this vibrant, multi-talented persona. As she continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the curiosity about her roots persists, reminding us that every star has a unique backstory.

Career Journey

Who is Eva Elfie? Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Boyfriend

Eva Elfie started her career journey as a webcam model before making her foray into the adult entertainment industry in 2018. Her extraordinary beauty and charm immediately turned heads, and she quickly gained popularity. Within a short span, she became one of the industry’s top actresses, earning nominations and awards for her performances. While Eva’s career in adult films has significantly contributed to her fame, she has also ventured beyond that realm.

Eva took her talents to social media, gaining millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, not just for her adult content but also for her stunning modeling photos and engaging posts. This allowed her to branch out into mainstream modeling successfully, where she has done numerous fashionable photoshoots showcasing her unique style and elegance.

Her ability to diversify her career and build a substantial online presence while excelling in her primary profession speaks volumes about Eva’s ambition and versatility. Eva’s career journey is a testament to her talent, dedication, and adaptability as she continues to evolve and explore new opportunities.

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Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Breaking the hearts of many, Eva Elfie is a married woman. In 2019, Eva chose to walk down the aisle with her future film partner, Adam Ocelot. The couple’s professional relationship transitioned into a personal one, leading to their union in marriage.

Their mutual interests and shared experiences in the industry must have sparked a connection that couldn’t be ignored. They live together in Moscow, proving they have successfully balanced their professional and personal lives.

While it’s clear Eva is private about her personal life, it’s evident that she is committed to her husband and happy in her marriage. Eva and Adam’s relationship is a testament to their bond, understanding, and shared journey in the entertainment industry.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Weight53 KG
Body Measurements (Approx.)36-26-35
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorGreen
Skin ToneFair

Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing approximately 53 kg, Eva Elfie has a charming and striking physical appearance. Her hair, a stunning shade of blonde, complements her captivating green eyes. Being aware of the importance of fitness, Eva engages in regular gym and yoga sessions, helping her maintain an impressive body measurement of approximately 36-26-35.

Her commitment to physical fitness contributes to her alluring appearance and speaks volumes about her discipline and dedication. Her radiant beauty, flawless physique, and magnetic charm make Eva Elfie a truly unforgettable figure in the entertainment industry. Her enchanting look and outstanding body shape certainly add to the unique allure that has captivated millions worldwide.


Who is Eva Elfie? Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Boyfriend

Delving deeper into Eva Elfie’s roots, it’s evident she is of Russian ethnicity. Born and raised in a small city in the Far Eastern part of Russia, she undoubtedly holds a strong connection to her Russian heritage. Her ethnic background not only defines her identity but also contributes to her unique allure that captivates fans across the globe.

Russian women are often known for their extraordinary beauty and elegance, and Eva Elfie is no exception. She embodies the enchanting charm and mesmerizing beauty of her Russian lineage. It’s not just about her stunning physical attributes; Eva’s persona, work ethic, and resilience also reflect her Russian roots.

Despite her global popularity, Eva maintains her ties to her cultural heritage, keeping her grounded in her rising stardom. Her ethnicity, talents, and hard work contribute to Eva Elfie’s unique and vibrant persona.

Before Fame

Before her fame, Eva Elfie lived a relatively ordinary life in a small city in the Far Eastern part of Russia. Her humble beginnings saw her exploring various avenues for work. With a desire to succeed and an undeniable charm, she tried her hand at jobs such as being a secretary and a webcam model. During these early career explorations, Eva developed a fan base drawn to her striking beauty and captivating personality.

The world had yet to discover the powerhouse talent that Eva Elfie was, but the wheels were already in motion. Not long before, her charisma and talent caught the attention of the adult entertainment industry.

However, before becoming the multi-talented star she is today, Eva was a regular young woman with dreams and aspirations, eager to explore the world and create a life she would be proud of. Her early experiences laid the groundwork for her future success, reflecting the determination, resilience, and charm that have become hallmarks of Eva Elfie’s career.

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How She became an off-model  

Eva Elfie’s journey to becoming an off-model is a tale of talent, ambition, and an innate sense of style. Before her breakthrough in the adult entertainment industry, Eva had already established herself as a webcam model, which began her exploration of her potential. Upon making a name for herself in the industry, Eva began to leverage her growing fame and social media presence to venture into mainstream modeling.

Her striking looks and unique style quickly garnered attention, with her fashionable photoshoots showcasing a captivating blend of sophistication, elegance, and allure. Eva’s passion for fashion and ability to showcase her style to her audience allowed her to successfully break into the modeling industry. Her modeling endeavors are more than just a hobby.

They’re an extension of her multi-faceted personality. From webcam to the spotlight, Eva has transformed into an off-model with a magnetic appeal, showcasing a distinct aura that sets her apart. Her journey is a testament to her adaptability, creative vision, and relentless pursuit of success in all her endeavors.

Future Plans and Projects of Eva Elfie

Who is Eva Elfie? Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Boyfriend

As a multi-talented personality in the entertainment industry, Eva Elfie isn’t one to rest on her laurels. With a successful career in the adult film industry, a flourishing presence on social media, and an expanding portfolio in mainstream modeling, Eva is constantly on the move, evolving and embracing new opportunities.

While she hasn’t publicly announced specific plans or projects, it’s safe to assume she will continue to surprise and captivate her fans worldwide. We expect to see more of her stunning modeling photoshoots and engaging social media posts. She might venture into different aspects of entertainment, possibly exploring acting roles outside of the adult film industry or even trying her hand at directing or producing.

Regardless of her direction, one thing is certain – Eva Elfie’s star continues to rise, and her future will surely be as exciting and dynamic as she is. As she continues to redefine her career and expand her horizons, we’ll be watching, eager to see what she conquers next.

Social Media

Social Media PlatformAccount Name
Youtube ChannelEva Elfie
Twitter AccountEvaElfie
TikTok AccountN/A
Instagram Accounttheevaelfie
Wikipedia Click Here


  • Eva, currently 22 years old, was born in Russia on May 27, 2000.
  • She is a well-known actress, model, YouTuber, vlogger, and social media star.
  • Although Yulia Sergeevna Romanova is her birth name and true name, Eva Elfie is her stage name on the internet.
  • She goes by several other aliases in addition to this one, such as Brigitte, Lady Jay, Tieny Mieny, and Tiny Teen.
  • Eva Elfie is an award-winning adult film industry worker.
  • To date, she has recorded more than sixty films. In addition, Eva was given the AVN Award for Foreign Emerging Artist of the Year.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Eva Elfie’s real name?

Eva Elfie’s birth name is Yulia Sergeevna Romanova, but she is more commonly known by her stage name, Eva Elfie. She also goes by several other aliases, including Brigitte, Lady Jay, Tieny Mieny, and Tiny Teen.

How did Eva Elfie start her career?

Before entering the adult entertainment industry, Eva Elfie worked as a secretary and webcam model. Her charismatic personality and beauty quickly caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to her successful career in adult films and modeling.

Is Eva Elfie married?

Eva Elfie happily married Adam Ocelot, a fellow adult film actor. The couple got married in 2019, and they live together in Moscow.

Where is Eva Elfie from?

Eva Elfie was born and raised in a small city in the Far Eastern part of Russia. Her Russian ethnicity and her heritage play a significant role in her identity.

What are Eva Elfie’s plans?

Although Eva Elfie hasn’t publicly announced any specific plans or projects, it’s clear that she’s always evolving and embracing new opportunities. Whether it’s acting, directing, producing, or continuing with her modeling and social media endeavors, we can expect to see more of Eva in the future.


Eva Elfie’s journey is an intriguing tale of tenacity, ambition, and charm. Despite her youthful age, she has built a significant name for herself in the entertainment industry. As a talented actress, model, and social media sensation, she has conquered various platforms with enchanting charm and multi-faceted talents.

Her story is a testament to the fact that success comes to those who dare to dream and have the courage to pursue those dreams. Despite being in the limelight, she has kept a part of her life private, only adding to the allure surrounding her.

As Eva continues to rise in her career, she exemplifies that anyone can achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small, with determination, hard work, and talent. Undoubtedly, we can expect more great things from Eva Elfie in the future as she continues to evolve and push the boundaries of her already impressive career.

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